The fight for patient health

No problem is insoluble for the CertiCon team. A major technical hurdle that was affecting thousands of home health patient monitors in the U.S. has been removed.

We spent weeks researching and trying to get to the bottom of the bug. Finally, we had to travel directly to the customer to decipher the root of the problem and suggest a possible fix.

While the identified problem did not affect the patients themselves, it did have a significant impact on mobile network operations in the US. Each month, the provider’s reporting and database systems were experiencing exponentially increasing delays of up to several days. Monitors were threatened with complete disconnection from roaming partners’ networks.

Within the first two days, we identified the root cause of the problem. We reported the critical error to the mobile operator and suggested corrective measures. Thanks to quick action and effective communication, the monitors will not be disconnected, and we have strengthened our relationship with the customer.

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