Exclusive training for the disabled

CertiCon in cooperation with ECDL Czech Republic organized an exclusive training on robotics for disabled visitors from Asistence o.p.s. The aim of the event was to familiarize the participants with the functioning of robots and their practical applications in everyday life and in the professional sphere.

Theory and practice in one

During the training, participants learned about the basic principles of robotics, types of robots and their capabilities. They also had the opportunity to try out the robots for themselves and take part in interactive activities. The programme also included a live demonstration of how robots work, which helped participants to better understand the possibilities and potential of modern technology.

Promoting digital skills

In addition to the training itself, CertiCon also donated 10 laptops to Assist to help them develop their digital skills and facilitate their access to information and technology.

Help where it’s needed

We are delighted to have been able to participate in this event to help people with disabilities learn about robotics and develop their digital skills. We believe that technology plays an important role in the inclusion and integration of disabled people into society.

We look forward to further cooperation with Assistencia o.p.s. and ECDL-CZ on similar projects.

Assistance o.p.s. is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive social services to people with disabilities and their families. The organization focuses on supporting independent and dignified life of disabled people and their integration into society.

ECDL Czech Republic is the official partner of the ECDL Foundation in the Czech Republic. ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) is an internationally recognised certificate that certifies knowledge and skills in the field of information technology.