CERTICONVIS: Valuable data for statisticians and marketers

Are you interested in how many visitors attended your tradeshow, where your customers head first when shopping, or what are the most visited historical monuments in your city?

CertiConVis will give you the answers to everything. One of its features is that it can define many situations which can provide highly valuable data for marketing purposes and statistics.

What was the story at the Letňany Shopping Center?

The request was clear – to count every single customer entering the premises and project the results into comprehensive reports for the mall owner.

The initial idea of the collaboration was to replace the existing system, which visibly did not provide qualified and relevant results. The long-term goal is to create a modern and technologically advanced camera and surveillance system here, which will help ensure security, but also provide important data on the purchasing behavior of customers.

Though we faced many challenges during deployment, the CertiConVis software has so far achieved a 95% success rate in terms of counted objects compared to the manual counting by the shopping center operators. Looking back at the state of the original system and results offered by other common solutions such as sensors, the measured result is considered excellent.

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