They wrote about us: AI protects our homes and businesses

We are bringing to market a breakthrough system that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technology to ensure maximum security for our homes and businesses.

With technology facing ever-increasing threats, it is imperative to develop innovative solutions that help us feel safe. And it is our advanced building access system that answers this challenge. Using AI, it not only provides maximum security but also a pleasant user experience.

A new way to identify new arrivals

Traditional methods of identification, such as doorbells or intercoms, are being replaced by modern technology. Upon entering the facility, visitors simply scan a unique QR code using a mobile device to access a digital bell board. This system is scalable and can be used in small apartment complexes as well as large office buildings. Additionally, it allows multiple recipients to receive the ringing, increasing the likelihood of a successful connection with a visitor.

Benefits of artificial intelligence

Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence, the system can analyse visitor behaviour and adapt the presentation of the digital doorbell to different factors such as time or frequency of previous visits. This functionality improves the user experience and increases the efficiency of the system. In larger facilities, the system enables communication with multiple visitors at once, which traditional doorbell terminals usually do not allow.

Security and flexibility

This AI-based digital access control system has the potential to replace outdated and expensive systems due to its low acquisition cost and high security. Users can open doors using a secure smartphone app, while biometric access prevents misuse of chips or cards. The cloud-based architecture of the system ensures flexibility and accessibility from any location, which is key to successful security.

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“Thanks to AI, we can achieve effective and intelligent security measures that react in real time to various dangerous situations,” says Vladimír Mařík Jr., Director of Business Solutions at CertiCon. The system is capable of detecting various dangerous situations, such as the presence of unknown persons, falling persons or abandoned luggage.