KepLErGO: With a Czech robot to Houston

We are happy to support young talents in the field of robotics and programming! The KepLErGO team from the Jan Kepler Gymnasium in Prague, with whom we have been cooperating for the second year, shone at the prestigious First Lego League competition in Houston this year.

In the RobotDesign discipline, students presented their own LEGO robot and the jury appreciated their design and programming skills. In addition to testing the robot itself, the KepLErGO team also impressed with an innovative project – an educational chemistry game.

For their efforts, KepLErGO took home the prestigious Breaktrough Award! This award recognizes new teams that, for example, have made great strides in both robot design and innovation project, while maintaining core values.

We congratulate KepLErGO on this amazing achievement and wish them the best of luck in the years to come! We are proud to be part of their journey and to support the development of young talent in STEM.