Q-Rune featured in the daily MF DNES: Made in the CZ

Q-Rune is revolutionary – a fully computerized system for access to buildings via mobile devices.

Introducing our new product, which aims to disrupt the doorbell market. But what can it really do? What makes it revolutionary? And how will it stand up against the intense competition from solutions that are already established on the market?

Working with the editorial staff of the MF DNES daily, we compiled an extensive feature article for a national special with the theme of “Made in the Czech Republic” to familiarize the general public with the features and functions that the Q-RUNE system offers not only to apartment tenants, residents of family homes, as well as to tenants of administrative buildings and developers.

You can find the link to the entire magazine, in which CertiCon, besides the article itself, is also featured on the cover HERE: