CertiCon at career fairs: competitions, advice and enthusiastic students

CertiCon has participated with great success in career fairs at the Czech Technical University in Prague, ZČU in Pilsen and VŠB in Ostrava. During these events, we had the opportunity to present a wide range of job vacancies to students and highlight the professional development opportunities within our dynamic teams.

In Ostrava, we prepared an interactive programme for the students, which included a competition for attractive prizes. Interested candidates were also able to try out a model interview and gain valuable advice to prepare for the real interview process.

In both Pilsen and Prague at iCareer, students had the opportunity to talk to experienced CertiCon colleagues about their work and gain a more detailed insight into the day-to-day operations at our company.

All of the fairs were extremely popular with students interested in a career at CertiCon. We very much appreciate their interest and look forward to meeting them in the context of the selection process.

We thank all students for their interest and look forward to seeing them again!

For more information about career opportunities at CertiCon, please visit www.makejvit.cz