3 years of development and SW for the next generation of hybrid and electric drives is in the world

Collaboration on this project for our major automotive customer began in 2021 and during this time CertiCon has achieved a number of significant milestones:

  • Developed software for the next generation of powertrain controllers.
  • Implemented a comprehensive software architecture with an emphasis on safety and reliability.
  • Ensured 100% software test coverage (unit tests, integration tests, qualification tests).
  • Handled demanding challenges such as CAN-FD communication, multicore programming, statistical data collection, and cybersecurity

The result is cutting-edge software that enables:

  • More efficient and cost-effective operation of hybrid and electric drives.
  • Increased comfort and driveability of electric vehicles.
  • Reduced emissions and environmental impact.

CertiCon thanks the entire team for their hard work and professionalism behind the birth of this revolutionary software.

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