Software Development

Many companies on the market today offer custom software development. Often, however, a client requires more extensive services that include many tasks integral to the entire process.

Our experienced team will prepare a concept for the overall development cycle for you. We start with a feasibility study based on specific requirements, analyze the market and design a suitable architecture. After the implementation and verification of the software, we will provide a final check and integration testing.

We can implement complete product solutions or get involved in any phase of the software development life cycle.

The most common development areas:

  • Information Systems
  • Industrial solutions
  • Mobile and internet applications
  • Databases and data mining
  • Enterprise architecture and integration

Software Testing

Strategy is the alpha and omega of SW testing. That’s why we begin every project with the design of a complete testing strategy and test plan. We follow this with implementing test procedures, reviewing them, performing tests and the final processing of documentation.

Our many years of experience testing the most demanding SW of life-critical applications (e.g. for cardiac pacemakers), systems for car diagnostics or information systems for managing sensitive data rank us among the most sought-after partners for clients all over the world.

Testing Automation

We can automate up to 100% of testing, including using artificial intelligence (neural networks, support vector machines), providing a significant reduction in test execution costs.

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