At CertiCon we like to support what makes a difference and last year we focused on supporting the Czech Rocket Society

Thanks to our support, the association was able to:

  • Make a new version of their biggest rocket yet. Sherpa successfully lifted off and launched satellites for the national round of the CanSat competition in Brno on April 27. To date, this rocket has completed a total of 9 flights and 4 iterations.
  • In July we organized the third year of the Czech Rocket Challenge, which was attended by over 120 competitors and visitors. The competition was also featured in Studio 6 of Czech Television and other media.
  • Design and prepare the first test iteration of the StarFox engine, the first liquid engine in the Czech Republic built by students. They have already completed their first pressure test in December.
  • They are currently working on a plan and details for further testing of the StarFox project. This is the biggest and most expensive project of the association so far.

The fourth Membership Meeting of the Association was held in September. Its outcomes were, among others, the establishment of the BOS – Bureau Of Safety, i.e. the Safety Organization of the Association. Its main objective is to participate in the control, regulation and implementation of standardized safety features in the association’s activities. This step is pivotal for further testing projects.

If you are interested in the journey of the Czech Rocket Society, in the coming year you can look forward to

  • start of testing of the StarFox liquid engine,
  • production of another improved version of the Sherpa a
  • preparing the development of the new supersonic rocket Sonic, which will be the first student supersonic rocket in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, they are working on other projects such as thrust vectoring within the Cassiopeia project and preparations are underway for the next edition of the Czech Rocket Challenge, which is definitely not to be missed!