CertiCon helps: we donate rental cars to help the handicapped!

Do you know what hippotherapy is? It is an amazing healing method that uses horses to rehabilitate and improve the quality of life of people with physical and mental disabilities. When a horse moves in stride, its movement is similar to a human walk, and this has a therapeutic effect on the muscles, joints and spine. Hippotherapy also helps to improve coordination, balance and motor function.

And that’s not all! Hippotherapy also has a positive effect on the psyche. Being with a horse brings joy, peace and a sense of belonging. It helps people with disabilities build self-esteem and improve social skills.
Caballinus has been helping hundreds of children with disabilities for several years. Last year alone they carried out 3250 hippotherapy sessions for 175 clients. During the year the association runs hippotherapy in Prague and its surroundings, and in the summer it offers summer intensive hipporehabilitation stays in Strážne in the Giant Mountains for families with children with disabilities.

We at CertiCon have decided to support Caballinus. We are donating a rental car, which will allow them to:

  • Transporting horses to all the places where Caballinus helps.
  • Delivery of the necessary equipment needed for hipporehabilitation.
  • Extension of the hippotherapy offer to more remote areas.

Do you also want to get involved and help?