We are proud that for over 5 years now we have been working on a project that is moving electric buses, and newly semi-trucks, into new dimensions around the world.

  • Over time, we have evolved from routine project maintenance to working on our own basic software project.
  • We are now collaborating on the development of a new electric drive platform.

A great CertiCon team of experts is working on this project in Ostrava, Olomouc and Prague.

What were we able to achieve over a two-day workshop?

  • Interesting discussions of all kinds.
  • Introduction of products based on our platform.
  • Many project meetings.
  • Discussing the details of our common goals.
  • Evaluation of cooperation, which bolstered our belief that we are a strong and reliable development partner.
  • And, of course, we couldn’t resist tasting Moravian beer.

The next time you travel on an electric city bus or an electrified semi-trailer truck delivers fresh fruit for breakfast, there’s a good chance it will be using our software.