A doorbell or building doorbell array is often the only point of contact between people outside and inside the building. This makes it all the more important to keep it up to date and functional. There are many modern solutions on the market, but if you look at the use of the bell from two directions – from the building occupant’s point of view and that of the visitor, it becomes clear that each one actually requires a different result, a different function. This is exactly what Q-RUNE, the world’s most unique digital system for building access, realized.

Whether you have a classic doorbell or a doorbell with an intercom, the essential question is whether a visitor can contact you when you are not in the building. That is, whether the main function of the doorbell—to connect—will be fulfilled.

With Q-RUNE, this concern is eliminated. The visitor connects with the user, whether the user is in the building or, for example, on the other side of the world. Anonymously, securely and without leaving any sensitive data of either party.

The idea behind Q-RUNE is rather simple: instead of looking for a name on a classic bell panel, the visitor simply uses a mobile device to read the unique QR code of the location at the entrance to the building, through which they can then view the digital and, moreover, always up-to-date bell panel on the mobile device.

It does not matter whether we are dealing with a large complex with many buildings, a complex with four hundred apartment units, or a large administrative building – the visitor simply chooses the exact person they want to contact.

Multiple recipients can be defined to answer a ring. This significantly increases the chances of connecting with the visitor even if no one is “at home” and the visit can be handled by several members of the family or, for example, office staff. At the same time, in larger buildings, it is possible to communicate with several visitors at the same time, which is usually not possible with classic bell terminals.

What other benefits does the Q-RUNE system offer? What makes it a favorite with developers building new buildings?

Read more on the product website (link: https://www.q-rune.com) or contact us directly for more information.

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