As part of the ARUM project, Certicon a.s., in collaboration with the Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT) developed a unique software solution, Smart Scheduler, which can markedly increase the efficiency of planning processes and managing the production of complex products. Smart Scheduler will be a tremendous asset to the transportation industry during the production of aircraft and ships. The solution was tested by Airbus at its manufacturing plants while making A350 aircraft, with company technicians stating, based on test operations, that the scheduler is capable of increasing the efficiency of the entire production process by 15%.

The Smart Scheduler’s main benefit is that it provides significant help with planning the production process, during which a vast number of parts must be assembled.

Smart Scheduler can:

  • React immediately to the deceleration or stoppage of work on the production line
  • Limit financial losses arising due to unexpected complications
  • Synchronize production units under varying conditions
  • Assess situations as they arise and provide the necessary information to operators
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