CertiCon for Film: Dance, Matilda

We at CertiCon are aware of this as well. That’s why this year we became sponsors of the new dance film Matilda starring Karel Roden. We have already co-produced and sponsored several very successful Czech films, such as Anděl Páně 2, The Painted Bird and The Scarlet Letter.

Inspired by a true story, the reclusive Karel (Karel Roden) lives in a world of order and strict rules that leaves little room for empathy. He visits his extroverted and bohemian mother Matylda (Regina Rázlová), a former bar singer, more or less out of duty. Matylda unexpectedly loses her apartment and Karl has no choice but to take her in. However, their cohabitation is a disaster for him. Especially when it becomes clear that Matylda suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. As a possible solution, Karl’s son Pavel (Antonio Šoposki), an irresponsible dude who despises his father’s profession as an executor, takes care of his peculiar grandmother. The shared household of three different temperaments of different generations provides many humorous moments, rather tragicomic as the symptoms of the disease progress. A seemingly hopeless situation turns the family’s life upside down, but by not giving up, they do something important not only for Mathilde, but for themselves as well.

Dance, Mathilde is coming to theaters on November 30, so don’t miss it 💙

Trailer here: https://youtu.be/2kjFuu-1xt4