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One of the most complex and sophisticated projects that CertiCon can pride itself on is, without a doubt, EPIQA – a production and logistics operations optimization platform.

Imagine an enterprise where you need to constantly combine and match processes, tools, materials, human resources and other inputs, ideally right away. When you are dealing with tens or hundreds of inputs, this can be handled by commonly available systems. But if you’re dealing with thousands of these inputs, that is where EPIQA comes in. 


The EPIQA platform’s main advantage is a substantial streamlining of processes and activities during which it is necessary to perform a large number of activities or assemble a large number of parts. Moreover, EPIQA responds to slow downs or work stoppages, can synchronize production units under varying conditions and evaluate situations that arise. 


For the first time, we have now implemented the EPIQA system to optimize the Airbus A350 production lines at Airbus Industries. Airbus is currently testing our solution in simulation mode and, based on trial operation, states that this software solution will make the entire production process more efficient by up to 15%.

Commenting on the trial operation at Airbus, Ing. Vladimír Mařík, MBA, director of Business Solutions at CertiCon says:


“Any problem during the development of an aircraft unit can extend the start-up phase of production by up to half a year, resulting in enormous additional costs. When production of a new type of aircraft begins, up to 70% of the operations in the assembly of the first five aircraft fail, which is, of course, a major problem manufacturers seek to solve. The EPIQA solution increases the efficiency of the entire production process and eliminates various delays.”

EPIQA offers smart scheduling, controlling and simulation of production, based on multi-agent technologies, which allows:

  • automated production and sales planning
  • supply chain management 
  • modeling and simulation of complex processes
  • decision support
The EPIQA plaftorm can be used in these areas:

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The Shipbuilding industry

The construction, renovation, and even traditional vessel maintenance are typical examples of processes in which thousands of inputs are combined and it is desirable that their interconnection is as efficient as possible. This applies regardless of whether we are dealing with a custom luxury yacht or an ocean liner for a large number of passengers.

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The Aviation Industry

Every airplane is an individual project. Construction takes a very long time and most components are not identical to the ones used
in other models. The process involves hundreds of designers, vendors and a tight
deadline for handover to the client. This is an ideal environment for the deployment of the EPIQA platform.

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Extraction and Mining Industries

Sophisticated machines for tunneling, excavation or mining require a precision approach to construction. The speed and efficiency that EPIQA brings to the entire process can be a decisive competitive advantage.

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Construction of large technological units, such as power plants, requires the series of inputs be linked as efficiently as possible to ensure individual phases of construction follow each other in the shortest possible time. The organization of workers, deliveries of materials or technologies is a basic tool of our system. In addition, all planning takes place in almost real time. 

Completely individual platform settings exactly tailored to your needs. A huge advantage for our clients is individualization. Based on the data that needs to be evaluated, we are able to build a fully customized platform, something most competitors do not offer. EPIQA is developed directly by CertiCon experts in the Czech Republic. 

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