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EPIQA is a tool for the optimisation of a wide range of production and logistics processes in various areas of industry. It can be used anywhere it is necessery to efficiently plan activities in conditions of a high changes or defects.

The main advantage of the EPIQA program is the considerable streamlining of the entire process, during which it is necessary to perform a great number of activities or to complete a great number of components. EPIQA can react to a slowdown or stoppage of work on a production line, can synchronise the production units under different conditions and evaluate the resulting situation.

We first implemented the EPIQA system for the purpose of optimising the production lines of Airbus A350 XWB aircraft in Airbus Industries. Airbus is currently testing our solution in simulation regime and on the basis of trial operations it shows that this software solution is capable of improving the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process by up to 15%

With regard to the trial operations in Airbus, Vladimír Mařík jr., Sales Director in CertiCon, stated:

“Any problem in the development of one piece of an airplane can mean the delay of the production start-up phase by up to half a year, which represents huge additional expenses. When production begins on a new aircraft type, up to 70% of the operations during the assembly of the first five aircraft end in failure, which is definitely a great problem that the manufacturers are trying to resolve. The main advantage of the EPIQA solution is the greater efficiency of the entire production process and the elimination of various delays.”

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EPIQA offers the intelligent planning, scheduling, management and simulation of real production processes based on multi-agent technologies. Thus it enables:

» automated production and sales planning

» supplier chain management

» modelling and simulation of complicated processes

» decision-making support 

The functionality of the EPIQA platform can be used in healthcare. Not only can the system prepare an effective timetable for patients who have to undergo a series of examinations but it also prepares similar schedules for operating theaters, medical equipment (specialized devices), staff, and other components of hospital processes. The solution optimizes the scheduled treatment times for individual examinations and operations to harmonize all components of the hospital background, the availability of qualified staff, operating theaters, and follow-up procedures. Last but not least, the preferences of patients and members of the operational team are taken into account.

When designing schedules, the system considers a number of complex parameters that a user can set in the application such as human resource qualifications, emergency procedures, equipment utilization, occupancy, etc., while reducing the risks associated with the need for unexpected change of planned activities and immediately informs interested parties via SMS or push notifications.

The result of the scheduling is the exact timetable of operations, i,e. who, when, where, by whom.

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Main product features:

» The possibility to choose from the proposed scenarios 

» Immediate response to changes in the internal and external environment with impact on the plan 

» Broad possibilities of setting parameters of human and material resources, teams, processes and procedures, interdependencies and conditions 

» An immediate overwiev of the plan and the real status of the processes 

» Mobile interface (sending notification of changes to the schedule, etc.) 

» Possibility to manually correct the selected plan 

» Integration into clinical information systems

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