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MiniDVR is a miniature Full HD recording device configurable by calendar events. In addition to working in recording mode, the device can also be used in streaming mode to stream video at a set time. MiniDVR is equipped with HW and SW triggers for asynchronous start of recording. The recording device can be operated either with power from a mains adapter or from a classic 5V power bank. It has a built-in miniature computer connectable via a web browser.

Calendar controlled modes:

  • ALWAYS READY– camera records or streams continuously for the entire set time interval
  • MOTION DETECTION – camera records or streams whenever motion is detected before the camera during the set time interval
  • REMOTE ACCESS – turns device on without activating the camera, to allow remote connection
  • NO EMISSION – the device consumes zero power between the set recording times

Manually controlled modes:

  • HW TRIGGER – records or streams video while HW trigger inputs are interconnected
  • SW TRIGGER – records or streams video while when pressing a button in the web interface

The complete MiniDVR set contains

  • Miniature recording device
  • Miniature HD USB camera with h.264 compression
  • 1 set of four 24-bit digital microphones
  • 64 GB SDXC card for up to 16 hours of recording
  • 5V mains power adapter
  • Connection cables (2 x USB, 1 x network cable)
  • Quick start guide


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