4mulcom NG

Even in this day and age, it is still problematic to transmit larger data flows from end devices such as cameras and streaming devices when they are out of reach of fixed-line networks or local Wi-Fi networks. When it comes to uploading large data files, these can be a very time-consuming issue.

The innovative 4mulcom NG device makes this a problem of the past. This device transmits data flow mainly via the mobile 4G/5G network, and should these networks go down, the connection is switched without delay to the Starlink satellite internet connection. After an LTE signal is restored, the mobile connection is reactivated with data being transferred uninterruptedly the whole time.

This allows you to conveniently use the properties of a fixed connection, anywhere.

Thanks to the use of a VPN in the communication path, the transmitted data will be completely secure. In addition, it is impossible to eavesdrop or reconstruct the communication in any way.

Use cases of the 4mulcom NG solution:

Video Transmission
Transmission of high-definition video from security cameras or for videoconferencing.

Smart Monitoring
Video supervision, communication with alarms, traffic control, hand-held cameras.

Transportation Means
Internet for means of transport, transmission of video from means of transport.

Industrial Applications
SCADA, Telemetry, remote construction site monitoring, data collection.

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