Embedded Systems Development

Design of embedded and control systems

Starting today, your product can communicate over the Internet, store recorded data, and offer other advanced features.

We offer all types of business models for the development of embedded systems, from external expert deliveries to the development of a complete product for a fixed price. Our developers have extensive experience with data collection, especially in the healthcare, automotive and industry sectors.

In the scope of embedded systems, we:

  • Identify customer needs
  • Design and apply appropriate technology
  • Provided complete integration of solutions from electronics to equipment
  • Develop a system with low battery power consumption
  • Design antennas and systems for wireless communication
  • Develop measuring instruments with wireless communication capability
  • Expand and modify existing electronic systems
  • Provide firmware programming
  • Develop equipment for production tests
  • Check technological processes and industrial control systems
  • Produce and test prototypes
  • Optimize pricing of the designed device
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