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Analysis of images from security cameras

Nowadays visual recordings are an enormous source of information. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence, this information can even be obtained from cameras in real time. This is making video one of the most important information commodities in an organisation. It can be mined repeatedly and used similarly to a data warehouse.

Security in public spaces and inside buildings is one of the central issues for resolving civic security. Thanks to the CertiConVis solution we are able to uncover security threats, detect suspicious behaviour and immediately react to help someone who has slipped on the sidewalk. In transportation they are primarily statistics as a basis for decision-making and urban planning as well as for the detection of traffic offences or other threats. CertiConVis is software that analyses images from a camera system in real time and also provides forensic analyses of historical recordings.

Detection of parking spaces


Drivers waste a lot of time looking for parking spots in overcrowded cities. Among other problems this contributes to the creation of harmful emissions. In CertiCon we resolve the parking problem by using analyses from cameras. Our analytical software is able to immediately detect a free parking spot and to send the information to an information system, which subsequently informs the drivers and city administration. Information on free parking spots is available nonstop, for example in a mobile application for the city. Thus visitors will be able to check whether it makes sense to drive into the centre and try to park there while still at home or they can pay to block such a space remotely. The city administration can use this information to navigate drivers through their mobile phones as soon as they arrive in the city or they can help them find an alternative parking spot in another parking lot. The advantage compared to conventional systems on the basis of magnetic sensors is primarily the price for acquisition and maintenance. The image analysis system can be simply integrated into all existing systems, cameras and parking lot infrastructures. This system also enables the use of all the images’ information, e.g. for the identification of license plates, the control of timed parking, the detection of when a specific car parked in the spot and when it departed.

Marketing of shopping centres


One of the essential requirements of shopping centres is to find out the most information about their customers. Shops are constantly looking for new ways to more accurately target their advertising at visitors. Nowadays shopping centres can use many different technologies, not only to get data on customers, but also to provide information to shoppers. These primarily include statistics on the movement of shoppers or cars in the parking lot, live online shop “display windows”, personalised advertising or live internal navigation of the space and to sales in the shopping centre. One of the technologies for retail marketing is shopper movement statistics acquired from analyses of camera images. In this way information can be obtained on the numbers of people coming into a certain zone, increased movement frequencies and, in some cases, even biographic and demographic data. Based on this data it is possible to evaluate the success of marketing and PR events, to identify more attractive areas for the shoppers, and more. For indoor navigation we are prepared to implement a solution using beacon systems. These are able to detect and differentiate mobile devices on the basis of position or according to the owner’s previous behaviour. The main use for beacon systems, however, is to send personalised marketing messages and offers on the basis of the type and location of the shopper.



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