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Capacity planning


The use of resources in production processes and their planning was, is and will always be one of the most difficult areas of industry ever. A surplus of material at one of the production stations, a lack of the necessary tools at another. The overworking of workers on one hand, insufficient work for others? These are just some of the problems that are practically common in production processes and it is sometimes very difficult to react correctly to these situations.

The best way to permanently eliminate these situations is to avoid them. Use your resources as efficiently as possible while increasing key performance indicators.

Predictive maintenance


Do you, in your business, run up against frequent defects of various types of equipment, tools or machinery, which comes unorganised and unplanned? Practically every factory currently encounters this problem. Be one of the few to avoid this obstacle. At the moment when a production machine breaks down, it is important, in light of the ongoing production, to repair is as quickly as possible. Such an approach to maintenance means that it is necessary to always have spare parts in stock for repairs, which is very expensive. The principle of predictive maintenance is a constant overview of the individual devices, on the quality of output, on the consumption of energy and other indicators. Thanks to this knowledge you have a unique opportunity to plan maintenance, not to have it surprise you. Avoid systems failures and keep your lines operational thanks to intelligent diagnostics from sensors and data.

Crisis plan


Delivery times are shorter, the quality of products and services has to be one hundred percent, and manufacturers and suppliers are coming under heavy pressure from buyers and customers. These days it is necessary to know how to react to sudden situations in the production process that can negatively influence your production plans. 

Extensive and complex production processes are comprised of many individual activities, using a large number of different components, working with various types of tools and devices. Such a difficult process is prone to frequent defects and other deviations that arise contrary to the original plan. A device defect or lack of material in stock can lead to a production stoppage and related financial losses.  

Prepare for and avoid such situations by using our procedural experience. Prepare an alternative plan to be used in the event of a negative event. React to the sudden situation with a cool head, efficiently, with the best option at the given time and, most importantly of all, in real time.



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