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Monitoring of patient safety

Ensuring safety and quality of care is of key importance for healthcare facilities. Post-operative care is very important, and not only for complicated medical procedures. Since medical complications can arise very unexpectedly, and their progress can make it difficult for a patient to call for help, we have prepared a device that replaces the function of an emergency button. The system itself evaluates the camera recordings and detects serious situations, while it is able to send an emergency signal and to warn medical personnel of a threat to a patient’s life.

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Analysis of biosignals

The applications and programs that we offer simplify the work of doctors and other healthcare professionals since it helps with a basic, though the most comprehensive, analysis of data. We currently offer the innovative Cyber PSG tool for the analysis of biosignals. The processing process is based on a cluster analysis and the processing of single curves into a simple hypnogram or spectrogram, which clearly shows what is going on in a specific sector and which categories of clusters predominate on the dates in question. The goal is to save time spent on long examinations of the signal and to shorten the diagnostics as much as possible. The current results show time savings of up to ten times.

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EPIQA Smart Scheduler for Healthcare

Our company  has developed an innovative system that is able to effectively plan processes of surgeries, create schedules for operating rooms, special equipment, and organize personal calendars of hospital employees. Planning and scheduling by the system is based on complex data and parameters which are effectively evaluated, rapidly processed, applied to the appropriate schedule. The planning system is also able to react quickly to any unplanned changes that occur. Using these powerful features minimize risks of loss of revenue and failure to most efficiently organize personnel, equipment, space, etc. After incorporating changes into already an applied schedule, all entities in the processes are instantly informed about the altered plan, e.g. staff can be contacted by SMS messages or announcements from their calendar. This solution is based on the functionality of our product EPIQA Smart Scheduler.

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Physiotherapy Tools

CertiCon  helps to improve and innovate physiotherapy tools which are main domain of our subsidiary EMBITRON Ltd. which became a part of CertiCon Group in June 2016. Devices manufactured by EMBITRON are exceptionally received not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. An example is the top device Extremiter 2010 for vacuum compression therapy which is aimed at improving blood circulation in the limbs due to changes in pressure. Another example is the device VAS-07, which uses known beneficial effects of electrotherapy, but unlike other devices of this type, does not require direct contact with the body of the patient. This significantly expands the possibilities of its usage (application through clothing, bandages, etc.).

Discover advantages of our other devices SALUTER MOTI which solves movement disorders and SAVIOLUM which uses magnetic resonance therapy which treats and helps to heal arthritic diseases.

Visit EMBITRON website.

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