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Software development


We provide the complete SW development cycle from feasibility studies, the creation of specifications, analyses, and architecture designs, to the implementation, revision, software verification and integration testing. 

Our SW team is comprised of highly qualified SW designers and architects, who apply their extensive experience and knowledge individually according to our clients  requirements. We are prepared to
implement  comprehensive product solution as well as take part in any phase of the software 
development life cycle.

The Portfolio of our SW Services includes:

 » Information systems  

 » Industrial solutions

 » Mobile applications

 » Web applications

 » Databases and data mining

 » Enterprise architecture and integration

 » Development for multiple platforms  



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SW testing


We provide a complete proposal for the testing strategy and testing plan, the implementation of testing procedures, their review, and the actual performance of the tests  including preparation of complete documentation.

We have years of experience with  testing of the most demanding SW, such as life-critical applications (e.g. for pacemakers), systems for automobile diagnostics and information systems for the administration of sensitive data.

Of course we can completely automate the tests, including the use of artificial intelligence (neuron networks, support vector machines).


Automation of Tests

We offer utilization of up to 100% automation, which brings considerable costs savings on the execution of tests.

We have experience with the use of specialised tools (QTP, GTS, TestComplete, QFTest, etc.) and with the testing of web applications (PAMIE, WEBTest, Selenium), etc.

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Electronic HW design and prototyping


Design of electronic and HW

We provide the development of a complete product, including electronic hardware and software, from the design and construction of a prototype to the introduction of mass-market production. If interested, we can also offer you consultation with regard to your current product.


Examples of Hardware Prototype Projects: 

 » CamLed for Vitte Nedjek 

 » parking camer for Strattec

 » module for Madison Technologies

 » meters for Metra Apator

 » wireless reading units for Novamet

 » contactless respiration and pulse monitors for Linet.

The portfolio of our HW & ASIC offers include:

The design and consultation of integrated circuits.  

We offer the Independent Analyses of Errors, propose solutions and arrange professional consultation with our experts.


Examination (verification) of Electronic Circuits 

We can measure everything from chips to hybrid circuits.


Semiconductor Production Tests

Together with Teradyne, Inc., we participate in the design of production tests. Our engineers primarily develop testing programs (VBT – Visual Basic for Tests) for FLEX devices, which are able to test multiple chips in parallel. You can find more information about this device and Teradyne’s solutions at: 

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Professional business and technology consulting


Technical Consulting

Years of experience, intensive training, demanding studies and experience from many Czech and international projects in the area of information technologies – this has all helped our consultants to obtain their valuable know-how, which they now offer you.


We primarily provide consulting in this area:  

Industry 4.0

Are you trying to get state support? We can provide you professional consulting.

Information Security 

Do you want to avoid future additional costs connected with the integration of security mechanisms in your company? Have a solution proposal prepared by our consultants.


System Integration

Do you know what level your system integration is at? Are you able to precisely specify the cost of your IT projects? Is your IT so complicated that the maintenance of the integration methods is expensive and time demanding? Increase your reaction flexibility to the market requirements and gain a significant competitive advantage.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

With the help of new approaches in IT architecture organisations have an opportunity to improve their IT architecture so that they can respond easily to the requirements of their business strategies.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

EA requires the support of all the components of an organisation, particularly business and executive, and their mutual communication. It brings many advantages to those who adopt it, in particular the following:     

  1. EA provides an overview of the implemented functions, resulting in easier monitoring of adherence strategies and to avoid creation of duplicities 
  2. The business component better understands the work of IT and IT better understands the needs of the business component and the organisation as a whole

IT Service Management
We help our clients efficiently manage their information technologies, thereby generating added value, specifically:

  1. The evaluation of implemented IT processes, their sophistication and accordance with ITIL recommendations
  2. Consultation during the implementation and optimisation of introduced ITIL processes
  3. Delivery and implementation of selected ServiceDesk platforms
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Development of embedded systems


Design of embedded systems 

Starting today your product can communicate over the Internet, store recorded data and offer your customers further expanded functions.

For the development of embedded systems we offer all types of business models from professional outsourcing to the complete development of a product for a fixed price. Our professionals have extensive experience with the collection of data in the spheres of healthcare and industry.


Knowledge of production of embedded systems 

 » Low power batterry operated systems

 »Wireless systems and antenna implementation (ISM 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz) 

 » Wire-bounded distributed systems (CAN, I2C) 

 » Highly dependable and robust construction 

 » Preparation and design according to financial opportunities for large-scale production 

 » Production of prototype and verification

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Industry 4.0