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Modern technologies are used in a wide range of medical examinations. However, they can also greatly facilitate and streamline patient-physician-caregiver relationships. They also assist with remote health monitoring and basic care when it is not necessary for the patient to come to the medical facilities in person.

CertiCon has developed MedCare 24/7 application for monitoring the patient, basic evaluation of patient condition, storing, sorting and forwarding important data, summarizing prescribed drugs, sorting scheduled examinations in a calendar, compiling treatment plans and mutual communication between connected users. As a result, the patient can be in permanent direct contact with their doctor, caregiver, and family members, even if they are separated by distance.

The MedCare 24/7 software solution consists of an application for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems on the patient’s side and a web portal used by doctors, care givers, and family members, on a central server and a data storage system. The patient regularly enters basic data into the application on instruction from the doctor, such as weight, blood pressure, etc., while the application evaluates the basic risk situation in connection with the entered diagnosis.


 Main features of the application:

  • User-defined questionnaires
  • Scheduling tasks for patients
  • Online chat with a doctor
  • Registration by invitation only
  • Reminding the patient of the planned event
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